Boxing Training

Boxing is far more than combat.  It’s a discipline.  With training, aspiring boxers open new worlds.

  • Boxers focus their minds—on the task at hand, on their health, on their sparring partners.  They learn to quiet mental chatter.  They learn how to carry through difficult tasks.  They learn how to observe.  They know when to act, and when to watch.
  • Boxers listen to their bodies.  They learn their strengths and weaknesses.  Usually, they discover that they have greater potential than they had believed.
  • Boxers grow.  They learn how to push through barriers, physical and mental alike.
  • Boxers learn that boxing is not about destruction.  Boxing at Sweat! is collaborative.  Even though it pits people against each other in a sport, they are opponents in a game.  The point of the game is to learn.

We offer private and semi-private training sessions, aimed at all levels of skill and fitness, and at a wide range of ages.  From roadwork to bagwork, from sparring to strength and conditioning, Sweat! is your complete academy for the “sweet science.”  If you’re ready to grow, we invite you to come train with us.

Private Boxing Training

  • Single Private Session … $65
  • 5 Sessions … $300
  • 10 Sessions … $600

Semi-Private Boxing Training

  • Semi-Private Session … $45
  • 5 Sessions … $200
  • 10 Sessions … $400

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