Frequently Asked Questions

How does FDN® work in conjunction with traditional medical care? Do I still need to go to my physician if I am working with you?

If you have a medical condition, please continue any treatment as recommended by your physician. Before beginning any protocol that I recommend, please consult with your physician about the addition of FDN. As you proceed with the recommended lifestyle changes, it is important to have your physician monitor your progress as well.

I am not a physician and I do not diagnose, but am always willing to work with a client's physician if needed.

How do my certifications as an FDN practitioner and a Fitness Professional benefit you?
My certifications as an FDN practitioner and Fitness Professional are extensive. I have a knowledgeable background in the health and wellness industry whether you have a musculoskeletal injury or you have a hormone imbalance. I am able to assist you in getting answers to your health issues.
How is a FDN practitioner different from other professionals?
An FDN practitioner tries to correct dysfunctions and get to the root cause with nutrition and a holistic approach rather than the use of conventional medicine.
How does the FDN Course compare with other courses in functional lab work?

The FDN Course ( provides the latest training available as the lessons are continually updated. The FDN Course is an immersion process in which you work on yourself as you learn to work on others. The personal mentorship I obtained was unparalleled as I received hours of personal guidance. When I registered for the FDN Course I become a member of the world-wide FDN family of caring providers who sincerely want to do the very best for their clients and patients.

FDN has found that anyone can run labs. It’s knowing which lab to run, how to interpret the results, what to do with the data that is relevant to the individual client that is most important. I was taught a step-by-step process that gave me the confidence to help people in a more in-depth way. There are many other courses that teach someone how to treat the test results instead of the person. FDN Course founder Reed Davis ( provided me with every tool, every protocol, and every piece of patient education material he developed over the last 12 years. His methods and materials are not available anywhere else. I receive every update as the body of knowledge increases and I am provided with continuous ongoing support with the weekly “Fantastic Friday” teleconferences where the FDN staff will answer any questions.

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