From Melissa Turken:

Approx 5 yrs ago my personal trainer who I had been with for quite some time moved to Denver. I checked out all other trainers at my current gym at the time but couldn't find a good fit. Our son, who currently worked out @ Sweat in Clayton suggested I check out his trainer's wife, Angela Brown. Probably the best phone call I've ever made. 

When I first came to Sweat, I had previously had two back surgeries-- 13 years prior to remove 90 % of two different discs. Both surgeries had been highly successful , however, I'm not exactly one to follow directions well & was headed for fusion or rods if I didn't change my ways. My trainer moving to Denver was the best thing that ever happened to me. Angela Brown is a personal trainer like no other--probably because she is a licensed physical therapist along with a myriad of other designations behind her name - none of which I can explain or describe. She can help u lose weight safely & successfully w/o feeling as though ur missing out on something, solve dietary issues, get u thru any menopausal issues and a multitude of other issues--either thru ur physician or homeopathic ally. 

This girl is a required stop on the road of life. Don't miss your opportunity. I recently had a torn rotator cuff repair surgery as well as a torn Labrum & cyst removal. My surgeon, Dr Robert Brophy, asked me how I managed to maintain my incredible range of motion in this arm & shoulder based on my injuries. I explained to him about Angela & her knowledge & said that she was totally responsible. Dr Brophy told me I was incredibly lucky to have Angela in my life. Need I say more?

From Trina Barnett:

Thankfully with Angela's help I'm feeling better than I have in years. Recommending the food sensitivity test and creating a special diet to accommodate the results has changed my life. Ive  lost 30 lbs and increased my energy levels!. Knowing my health issues and struggles she is determined to get to the bottom of the problem to help me achieve my goals. Shes absolutely amazing to work with! 

From Paula Lazaroff:

Having Angela Brown as part of my fitness expert team was the best thing I did for my overall health and wellness.  Angela has a vast expertise in nutrition, fitness and health.  I was always committed to the fitness part of my health however working with Angela on nutrition took my wellness to a higher level.  She truly makes implementing good nutrition into your life fun and exciting which for most people can be overwhelming.  I have more energy and just feel better about my health and my body.  Being healthy is priceless and earned so for anyone that wants to take their wellness to the next level Angela Brown can make it happen.

From Greg Aftayev:

Some people can cure a broken heart… Angela Brown can cure a broken stomach…

I have always lived my life with the feeling that I had taken care of myself more than the average person. I ate well, worked out regularly and always made sure I got the most sleep that I could. But as the saying goes, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions…”

For the last five years I have endured incredible stomach cramping and bloating and at times was so bad that I have completely changed my social calendar for fear of spending the event in the nearest bathroom. I had no idea what it could be. IBS? Crones? At the same time, I also, like so many, felt scarred to know what it could actually be.

When I met Angela she explained to me that not everything we eat has to be an allergen for it to affect us. We have all heard of allergies that involve hospitalization if ingested. I had nothing like that. Just simply at times when I ate I felt completely horrible.

She convinced me to do an MRT test. A simple blood test that would determine foods that I ate that made me feel horrible but made me wish death upon me. Some of my favorite foods: Coffee, Turkey, Spinach, Bananas, Apples and dairy. What came back as Greg’s no no’s: Coffee, Turkey, Spinach, Bananas, Apples and …..dairy… Beautiful! Wonderful!

Angela helped me make solid alternatives to my favorite foods and was always just a text away if I had a question about a specific food that perhaps boarded on the no no side. Fast forward eight months and the person writing this has zero bloating, bad gas, diarrhea and a want to reroute his social calendar. It works…and I’m forever grateful. There’s a lot to be said about the positive, reassuring advice and support that Angela gives. Makes all the difference. If there’s anything that you read that you can relate to and would rather make it an old memory, let Angela do her thing. With more thanks than I would ever be able to write.

Are You Suffering From Any of the Following?

Then FDN may be able to help.

  • low energy
  • depression or anxiety
  • can’t lose weight
  • bloating, gas, IBS, diarrhea, or constipation
  • acne, eczema, or psoriasis
  • sleep issues
  • migraines

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