Massage Therapy

While we provide state-of-the-art measures to warm up and cool down your muscles, and keep a sharp eye on pairing your exercise with your ability, the fact is that getting into shape is work.  And after any work, relaxation is part of your reward.

Massage has been an integral part of fitness regimens for literally thousands of years.  With the global spread of massage traditions over the past century, today’s client can choose from a wide range of therapies, ranging from the rigors of shiatsu to the soothing touch of Swedish massage and lomi-lomi.  At Sweat, we've also added the latest rehabilitative technology with the optional DMS system.

Sweat! recognizes the power of therapeutic massage, and offers it as an option to all its customers, and to guests as well.  It feels good to sweat… and it can feel even better afterward.

  • 90 minute massage … $110
  • 60 minute massage … $75

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