DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulator)

Deep Muscle Stimulator, or DMS, treatment instrumentDespite the very best techniques, sometimes real results involve real pain.  We don’t want your fitness to come at the cost of unnecessary aches and pains.  Sweat! has invested in your health with the DMS system.

DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulator) is an innovative, patented chiropractic device that delivers vibration, oscillation and percussion to stiff and sore muscles.  It is used by major league athletic training operations, including those of the Milwaukee Brewers and Phoenix Suns; and individually by athletes like Albert Pujols.  All testify that the DMS speeds warm-up and recovery and increases flexibility.

The DMS contains a patented mixture of diamonds, rubies, copper, bloodstone, garnet, malachite and carbon granules, placed in a motorized titanium head.  A skilled operator applies the DMS to areas of the body where muscle has been stiffened by exercise, and even to areas suffering from spasms.  The device massages and loosens stiff tissue, and aids in rehydration.

  • 25-minute treatment ... $40.

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