Are All Multivitamins Created Equal

There are 2 main reasons people don't feel as healthy as they could, weigh more than they should, and are needlessly suffering from common health conditions and diseases. One reason is that your body is not receiving and absorbing the essential micronutrients (or vitamins and minerals) it needs to run the thousands of metabolic functions it must perform daily. This is because we can no longer get the nutrition we need solely from food. Over the years, the modern food supply has been stripped of its essential vitamins and minerals. The second reason for poor health is that your body is being bombarded with more micronutrient depleting factors than ever before. These include items such as stress, alcohol consumption, processed foods, pollution, environmental toxins, medications, and exercise. So let's make this easy: first, your food is supplying you with fewer essential vitamins and minerals and second, your lifestyle is causing your body to demand more of these nutrients. So what is the answer to better health? Read More...

Know What You Want Before You Start

Are you ready to start a training program, but don't know where to start? Are you confused about the different types of workouts and what is right for you? Before you dive into a personal training program, make sure you have an understanding of your goals and what you want to accomplish with your program. Are you looking to lose weight, gain mobility and flexibility, or get that cut look you've never been able to achieve?
One popular trend to hit the fitness industry is functional training. Functional training is a fitness program designed to improve your everyday functions so you can move easily and without injury. As we age, our body naturally begins to lose flexibility and mobility, which can make daily tasks such as lifting groceries and cleaning more difficult. A squat, for example, is a functional exercise because it trains the same muscles you use when standing up from a chair or sitting down. Functional training should result in better joint mobility and stability. Functional training can make your life easier and help reduce your risk of injury- in fact, even the U.S. Army has invested several millions of dollars in functional-fitness programs. But, if you are looking to shape and sculpt, your training program should not consist entirely of functional training.

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