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Are you ready to start a training program, but don't know where to start? Are you confused about the different types of workouts and what is right for you? Before you dive into a personal training program, make sure you have an understanding of your goals and what you want to accomplish with your program. Are you looking to lose weight, gain mobility and flexibility, or get that cut look you've never been able to achieve?
One popular trend to hit the fitness industry is functional training. Functional training is a fitness program designed to improve your everyday functions so you can move easily and without injury. As we age, our body naturally begins to lose flexibility and mobility, which can make daily tasks such as lifting groceries and cleaning more difficult. A squat, for example, is a functional exercise because it trains the same muscles you use when standing up from a chair or sitting down. Functional training should result in better joint mobility and stability. Functional training can make your life easier and help reduce your risk of injury- in fact, even the U.S. Army has invested several millions of dollars in functional-fitness programs. But, if you are looking to shape and sculpt, your training program should not consist entirely of functional training.

So how do you do it? Where do you start?

Imagine your body as a piece of art, an unfinished sculpture. Most people want some of the sculpture to disappear, like waistline and there are parts you'd like to accentuate, perhaps you want larger shoulders and shapely arms. The types of exercises you need to achieve this look cannot occur with functional training alone.  
An entirely different set of exercises are devoted to the development and enhancement of individual muscle groups. If you want to sculpt one part of your physique you will need to isolate those muscles with the correct exercises. You may also need to isolate the same muscles from different angles. For example, let's take the bicep muscle. There are two heads to the bicep muscle, the medial head and the lateral head. Regular curls work the medial head while hammer curls work the lateral head. If you only perform regular curls you won't have an equally developed bicep which means you'll lose some shape and your physique will look uneven at the upper arm area.  
Spend some time evaluating what you want from your fitness routine. If you're currently working with someone on Team Sweat please talk with them about what you want to achieve. Your trainer can and will make the necessary adjustments in your training to give you the physique you desire. A Sweat personal trainer has been educated on how to get the most out of your body. We've been trained to combine functional movements and isolation exercises to create stability within your body and create the sculpt look you desire.. If you haven't made an appointment with Team Sweat please call today- your first appointment is free. 
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