Are All Multivitamins Created Equal

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There are 2 main reasons people don't feel as healthy as they could, weigh more than they should, and are needlessly suffering from common health conditions and diseases. One reason is that your body is not receiving and absorbing the essential micronutrients (or vitamins and minerals) it needs to run the thousands of metabolic functions it must perform daily. This is because we can no longer get the nutrition we need solely from food. Over the years, the modern food supply has been stripped of its essential vitamins and minerals. The second reason for poor health is that your body is being bombarded with more micronutrient depleting factors than ever before. These include items such as stress, alcohol consumption, processed foods, pollution, environmental toxins, medications, and exercise. So let's make this easy: first, your food is supplying you with fewer essential vitamins and minerals and second, your lifestyle is causing your body to demand more of these nutrients. So what is the answer to better health?

A good quality multivitamin. A multivitamin for women and men can help support our health. But take caution when selecting a multivitamin- not all are created equal. Popping 2 of your kid's Flintstones chewables on your way out the door in the morning won't supply you with the vitamins and minerals you need. So, when selecting a vitamin, pay attention to 2 main elements: absorption rates and beneficial quantities.

When looking at absorption rates, remember that liquids are more absorbable than a pill or capsule. Liquids are also more safely absorbed than capsules and pills. In addition, pills and capsules can often contain binders, fillers, preservatives, and allergens. In fact, many manufacturers use cheap, inferior forms of vitamins and minerals or they don't include them at all- leaving you with no benefit and all the cost. And don't be fooled by misleading manufactures supplying you with mega-doses of certain micronutrients either. In the world of multivitamin formulation, more is not always better.

In summary, it is important to supplement our daily diet with a multivitamin due to the lack of vitamins found in our food supply and the heavy demands we place on our bodies each day. When selecting a multivitamin, remember to look at absorption rates and the quantities of each vitamin and micronutrient.  

We, at Sweat, recommend a powdered multivitamin drink mix. Mixing the powder with water gives you more absorbable vitamin. For more information or for purchase of our recommended powdered multivitamin drink mix, Nutreince, contact Angela at

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