Personalized for Athletes of All Ages

One size fits all does not apply to personal training. Your plan should fit your age, body type, gender and goals. Some programs address those concerns, but few are specifically tailored to fit you and the sport you love.

A.A.A. Sports Training offers customized and dynamic programs for Athletes of All Ages. Each program will be built to enhance the skills, endurance and strength you need to excel in your sport. No two programs will be the same and your program will be updated as your needs and goals change.

Below is a list of the core elements of some of our A.A.A. Training Programs. Though programs within a sport or among the sports may include similar goals, the exercises and elements deployed to achieve the goals can differ greatly. It is our job to fine tune what YOU need.

A.A.A. Golf Training Program


  • Improve Flexibility
  • Develop More Acceleration and Force
  • Improve Balance
  • Learn to Control Body Tension






A.A.A. Tennis Training Program


  • Better Flexibility
  • More Balance
  • Increase Strength of Lower Body
  • Upper Body and Shoulder Strength and Range







A.A.A Runners Training Program


  • Increase Lean Mass
  • Lower Body Fat
  • Improve Cardiovascular Output
  • Improve Hamstring to Quad Ratio Output







A.A.A Swimmers Training Program


  • Increase Range of Motion in the Shoulder Joint
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Work to Find Optimal Body Composition
  • Increase Cardiovascular Work Load
  • Improve Overall Muscular Strength





A.A.A Cyclists Training Program


  • Add Lean Mass while Lowering Body Fat
  • Improve Hamstring to Quad Strength Curve
  • Improve Core Function
  • Develop Stronger Cardio Capability






We will design a series of workouts that will allow each participant to achieve these goals and other personal objectives as well. By purchasing a series of 5 training sessions for $200, the interview and creation of your A.A.A. Training Program is free.

To schedule an interview, contact David Lazaroff (david@sweatstlouis.com or by phone at 314.502.7116).  Interviews and training are located at SWEAT, 8011 Maryland Avenue, Maryland, Clayton, MO.

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